Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Bring Your Vacation Right to Your Fingertips!


We are all quite aware that technology is the center of a lot of individual’s lives and it shows no signs of becoming anything otherwise. This fact also applies to the grand industry of travel ( which generated over $1 trillion alone in 2012!); with that being said, what is a convenient, and usually free, way to keep track of your hotel bookings, and even to find amazing hotels at affordable prices??

We Present…the TravelPony Mobile App!


The easy-to-download mobile app from TravelPony offers travelers the convenience of being able to view affordable, quality hotel rooms directly from their iPhone or Android phone. Those who are in need of accommodations also have the luxury of booking these amazing hotel rooms straight from their phone! TravelPony partners up with hotels all over the world, and with it being a strictly social media platform organization, TravelPony gains the advantage over the big-time travel sites by being directly linked to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. TravelPony sets themselves apart from competitors by embracing, and creating, user-generated content for more authenticity, rewarding customers by offering quality hotel products, embraces the influence of online word-of-mouth advertising.

It doesn’t stop there though. The mobile app specifically offers daily deals which are perfect value for your money. Hey, if you’re willing to be flexible on where you are staying, you can certainly find a great deal on a place to stay. The motto is one deal, per city per day. Every single day in cities all over the world. The discounts are simply incredible! The discounts on the app are said to be even better than on the Travel Pony website itself. And that’s not at all. When you book using the Travel Pony App you also earn Lyft credits through your purchase which can then be used on the ride over to the hotel itself! Now that Travel Pony has partnered with Lyft I see more great deals in the future too. Talk about deals on top of deals.  A win win if you ask me. So get to downloading that mobile app to take advantage of the ultimate travel deals on Travel Pony.

Wait, What is TravelPony Do You Ask? 

For those who may not know, TravelPony is the fastest growing travel site today! (Yes, even compared to the other major companies out there). What sets them apart from everyone else? As we stated above, TravelPony, unlike most others, uses sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to help spread the word about their amazing services. When you think about how the major travel sites spend billions of dollars every year for advertising, its understandable how TravelPony can offer quality accommodations at affordable prices by eliminating the ‘middle-man’.

TravelPony was just recently launched, however, they now have over 20,000 hotels in amazing locations all over the world! By using their unique ‘advertising’ strategy, thousands of TravelPony members are spreading the world all over and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon! One member even said that TravelPony is “crowdsourcing hotel rooms”.

How Do You Sign Up?


Signing up for TravelPony is not only free, its incredibly simple, simply log onto their site, create your free membership and spread the word via your social media outlets about all the amazing deals you found! Simple as 1-2-3! Finding budget-friendly accommodations that you won’t mind resting your head at has never been easier, and like we’ve already said you can have all this same information at your fingertips via their mobile app!

With mobile apps available for banking, shopping, and hundreds of other reasons, why not have a mobile app at your disposal when it comes to your vacation accommodations?

The ease and convenience of things nowadays does in fact help to make life a lot easier; keep this is mind when booking your next vacation lodgings via TravelPony. Their mobile app can be accessed through their website or you can simply search for it in the Apple store or Play Store on your phone.


Travel Pony provided a travel credit in exchange for this review but as always all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Finding great travel deals have never been simpler


It may be hard to believe, for some, that summer is halfway over. The month June, July, and August made a brief appearance and is now officially a thing in past. Even so, tropical getaways or ‘wintery’ escapes are still on the ‘to-do’ list for many travelers; perhaps what’s even more amazing, other than the numerous places there are to visit for an exciting vacation, are the incredible deals travelers can find out there for flights, hotels, car rentals, and who knows what else!

travelpony1 Your One-Stop Shop for Affordable Hotels
Having a hard time selecting the best option to find said deals? Well, no worries! Travel Pony is the place to go for over 10,000 hotels in fabulous locations all over the world. Not too familiar with them? Let us enlighten you a bit- Travel Pony is one of the fastest growing travel sites out there, and unlike all those ‘other guys’ out there who spend millions of dollars advertising their services, those at Travel Pony decided to put their money (and your) money to better use by offering amazing hotels at far better prices.

“Well, how do they advertise?” do you ask? Simple-primarily by word of mouth! Not to mention they take advantage of social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Although just recently launched, Travel Pony is certainly making its name in the travel world, with travelers booking flights through their site every day.

How Does It Work?
Other than the amazing deals that Travel Pony offers, there is also another feature that sets them apart from the ‘big-time’ travel companies, which is their membership process. And before you get to thinking you have to pay a million dollars a month, or a year, to gain this membership, let us stop you!

The prices that Travel Pony offers are just too good to show to the general public so in order to take advantage of these ‘below-market’ prices on hotel rooms, all travelers have to do is simply create a FREE membership login. From there to unlock all those awesome savings, all you have to do is simply spread the word of the great deals you found!

Need it in lamest terms? No problem:

Step 1: Create login (Facebook is recommended, though not required)
Step 2: Search for that amazing destination you have in mind
Step 3: Book and Save!
Step 4: Spread the word! (Simply share a post on Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn)

And you’re done! Finding great hotel deals have never been simpler. Another amazing thing is that you don’t have to worry about arriving to your destination only to discover you’re being put up at some seedy motel; Travel Pony is known for their partnerships with some of the best hotels all over. So not only are you getting your hotel at a great price, you are getting a QUALITY hotel at a fantastic price!
So hop on their site, check out all their fabulous destinations, and start saving! You can thank us later.

 Travel Pony has provided a credit in exchange for this review but as always all opinions expressed here are my own. 


Gems of Las Vegas


The glitter and glamour of the ‘sin city’ is unbeatable by all standards. In this place cramped with entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment, life has a complete different meaning.The one of the most popular cities in the world has plenty to offer its visitors, the casinos, dancing fountains, mind boggling architect and artefacts, spectacular shows, theme parks, adventurous activities, the list carries on


Las Vegas plays hosts to countless millions who visit this sparkling city each year, and you get the taste of impeccable hospitality at some of the famous luxurious hotels like Bellagio. The Bellagio in Las Vegas provides to their guests world class amenities, including luxurious spas and health treatments, swimming pools,casinos, sumptuous dines, pool side bars, and other entertaining live shows. And of course, therooms have plush rich interior decor.

Las Vegas Power Pass

To begin your excursions you can pick up ‘Las Vegas Power Pass,’ which offers you complimentary or low price entries to some of the major attractions of the city, and furthermore you get a complimentary guide book. Places covered by this pass include, Lion Habitat Ranch, The Eiffel Tower of Las Vegas, Bellagio Gallery, Las Vegas Zoo, and many other theme parks, and museums. Though, availability of different attractions varies, you can reach for your guide book to know the selections.

Bellagio Attractions

In same league with the top hotels in Las Vegas, Bellagio has many enticers in its kitty including Bellagio Botanical Gardens,which is a place blooming with colours, fragrance, beautiful plants and greenery all around. Equally worth watching are the colourful fountains dancing in the air and fighting gravity. Then there is Bellagio Gallery, which is a place exhibiting various famous artefacts.

High-End Driving Experience

Apart from trotting across the ‘city of lights,’ do something different. If you are a super-car worshipper, and Ferraris, Lamborghinis come in your dreams, you can live your dream for 3 hours at least, at the Red Rock Canyon. You head for the spacious open road route whichgives you some of the breathtaking views of the Red Rock Canyon. And en-route you can change cars at check points, to get the feel of different cars. But before that,you do have to sign a waiver, and you should be between the age of 23 and 70.

Las Vegas Nightlife

After dark, as the stars walk up in the sky so do they at Las Vegas at various pulsating nightlife venues. The celebrities, night owls and party lovers all get in a hurdle, and all dressed up with killer looks. You can find such venues everywhere, on rooftops, by pool-sides, in casino resorts, clubs and restaurants.

Outdoor Adventures

If you want a change of scene, there are adventurous activities you can indulge into, like you can go for hiking, extreme sports, water skiing, boating, snowboarding. You can head for the wilderness of Bootled Canyon Trails on a horse back and get lost in the tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city,and can check out the zip line through the canyons a well.

Guided Jordan Tours: Keep your Date with History


Jordan is a mysterious place with land-locked landscape,and ancient ruins, and mystery hangs high here. There are many hidden archaeological sites which are the gems Jordan boasts of, and which are some of the most popular tourist attractions. Be it the historic city of Petra or the strange landscape of Wadi Rum, your trip to Jordan will transcend you to an alien world. To explore it all, checkout some of the best guided Jordan tours, and keep your date with history.



You can begin your adventures by driving along the Kingsway Road which has stood its grounds since 2000 years, and the tour leads you to the City of Mosaics, Madaba. The city hit the headlines with the discovery of mosaics art, and monuments which are littered all across. Among others, you should visit the famous Greek Orthodox church of St George, which beholds the 6th century Byzantine Madaba Mosaic map. It is an amazing piece of art made from 2 million pieces of colored stones denoting towns, villages, valleys, and hills. Then zoom off towards Mount Nebo, which has biblical history and is known as the burial ground of Moses. Further roaming through strange Stone Age villages, and biblical towns you arrive at Keraks.


This is another strange place which takes you into the ancient times. The spectacular Crusader fortress of Kerakis the hot spot for tourist, and it looks magnificent perched on a hill. Here remains have been found which date back to the Iron Age, but it the crusaders who highlighted the area, and built the fort in 1152. A moat separatedthe fortress from rest of the town. The castle and architecture of the passageways, heavy arches, doorways, dim lit stone-vaulted rooms, and corridors are amazing to watch.


This is another city which will come in your itinerary, and it is the most cherished jewel of Jordan. It is a fascinating archaeological find, and has earned the honors of being one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. It also got the patronage in 1985 when it was declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a fantastic place to explore by foot or on a horseback, between narrow winding clefts in the rock to the old city of Al Siq,and atits further end is the treasured Rose City of Petra. The Al-Kazneh, or the Treasury of Petra is a rose red colored building, so fascinating that it was chosen to be the location of the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the last crusade. The building initially served as a royal tomb.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is situated to the south of Petra, and it takes roughly 2 hours to get there. And those 2 hours will be one of the most incredible moments of your life. The astonishing alien landscape puts you in a trance, and you can do nothing but gape.

A 4×4 desert jeep is all you need to explore the region, checkout the different tour packages, and begin your exploration days.

photo credit: archer10 (Dennis) via photopincc

St Lucia Beach Holidays: Your Perfect Timeout


If ever there is a paradise on earth, it would look none better than St Lucia which is blessed with picturesque beauty to put you in a trance, and your nagging worries are put to the burners. Dotted with stunning beaches, impressive Pitons, and natural blissful beauty lurching around, it is a slice of heaven on earth. Just check it out why it is also fondly called ‘Helen of the West Indies,’ maybe it has turned into a honeymoon nest. Though, loners and travellers have ways of getting their share of thrills.


Let see how St. Lucia Beach Holidays can bring you a monsoon of happiness.

The Pitons

The Pitons are the most photographed wonders of nature in the whole Caribbean. The majestic Gros Piton and Petit Piton standing 2,530 ft and 2,438 ft tall respectively are the gems of St Lucia. If you want to scale them, go ahead, if you are physically good enough you can scale the Gros Piton in around 2.5 hrs. Then there is Petit Piton where a new detour has opened up but you need anchors and ropes to climb up. Yep, this is for the big boys. But yes, the glory of the Pitons is worth seeing during sunsets and worth holding your breathes for.

Pigeon Island

Another scenic place for you to explore which oozes with serenity and natural splendour is the Pigeon Island.Though a causeway has opened up 1970s, and its right to be called an island can be put to question. Keeping that aside, the national park is a wonderful place to get lost in spectacular wilderness. There are well trodden walk-ways to explore the ruins of Fort Rodney, built in the 19th century, courtesy of the British. On reaching the top of the fort you get a fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings. Later run for the beach and hit the clear blue waters for some refreshing moments.

Excursion on Catamaran

Have a fantastic family bonding day-out on a catamaran cruise along the shores of west coast of St Lucia.Cruise along the breath taking beauty of Marigot Bay, and swim in the crystal clear blue waters. Your tour will take you to some of the popular attractions of the region including the Pitons, and Sulphur Springs to get up-close tothe volcanic landform. Then the trip takes you to the 19th century coco plantations with trails marked with beautiful vegetation and flowers. You can learn a trick or two for making chocolate from cocoa pod.

Adventure and Thrills

Adrenaline junkies can brim themselves up with thrills from adventurous activities. A zip-line over the tropical forest, and the beautiful sugar beaches all are meant to give you the delights of your life. If not satisfied with the land, go under water snorkelling. If you are a beginner, join one of the dive courses, explore the seafloor and swim along with sea turtles, rays, octopuses, and sharks.

With countless luxurious accommodation facilities, sumptuous cuisines, and wild night parties, St Lucia is a bundle of joy and entertainment.
photo credit: Pygmy Warrior via photopincc