Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Surf Trip & Nicaragua Travel

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Please Don’t Stop the Music


If you’re a music lover, you’ll probably like to listen to music on the go. Portable speakers are a great way to do it. You can take them to hotels, outdoor events or even simply to visit friends and family. They also come in handy around your home, as in some ways they can be more practical than non-portable docking stations and other music systems.

Getting the Right Portable Speaker

There are many types of portable speaker on the market, so you’ll need to consider several things when deciding which is best for you. Size and weight are important factors. Some speakers are portable in the sense that they have their own power source, so they can be freely moved around but are too large and heavy to carry conveniently while travelling. Smaller speakers, however, tend to be less powerful and sometimes produce lower-quality sound (and we don’t want that!).

Another consideration is how the speaker connects to your device. Some portable speakers achieve this wirelessly through Bluetooth. This is very convenient, as long as the device you wish to use it with is Bluetooth-enabled. Otherwise, you’ll require a speaker that uses a 3.5mm jack. Of course, some speakers offer both!



Listening on the Go

A portable speaker is very handy for taking out and about, which is why many people use them. People who travel a lot and stay in hotel rooms may especially benefit from a speaker they can use with an MP3 player or smartphone. In this case, you’ll probably not want to choose the lowest-powered speaker, as you want to be sure it will fill the room adequately. Using a speaker outside or where there is lots of competing noise will require you to get the most powerful speaker you can afford so you can blow their socks off!

A small, low-powered speaker is useful for surprisingly everyday purposes. You can carry it around with you quite easily in a pocket or handbag. Then when you want to play that awesome new track you’ve discovered to a friend, you’ll have a speaker that’s better than the built-in option readily on hand.

Listening at Home

A portable speaker can be more useful around the home than many people realize. To unlock the music on their MP3 players and smartphones, many people turn to docking stations that require a power socket. Normally, these will stay in one place, in a single room, plugged into the same socket. If they’re moved, they’re bigger and heavier than a portable speaker and you also have to make sure the plug doesn’t trail along the floor.

A portable speaker, on the other hand, can be moved from room to room along with your music device far more easily. This makes it much more convenient for you to listen to your music throughout your home.

If you want to stay on the move and want to feel the power pumping out of your stereo, or maybe just your MP3, you may want to invest in a pair of portable speakers. You can take them places, and who knows where they just might take you as you lose yourself in the groove!

Image by p_a_h, used under Creative Commons license.

El Salvador – The Best 5 Fun Activities On Can Easily Engage

During the Seventies the individuals of El Salvador suffered landlessness, poorness and high state of miseries. Fashionable organizations and guerrilla teams were established within the hope of achieving social justice. When I reached at El Salvador, I found lot of attractions over there and as my time restricted me to visit all; I had to shortlist the most exciting activities which I felt should not be missed.

El Salvador2

San Salvador:

El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador, could be a trendy town of wide boulevards and slender streets, out of doors markets, government buildings, high-rises, monuments, associate degree exuberant nightlife, museums and different cultural establishments  set against the backcloth of San Salvador volcano. The peaceful botanical garden provides an occasion from the city’s agitated pack reality. This Central American nation is straightforward to travel, contains various national parks, and homes around 550 species of animals.

Iglesia El Rosario:

Felt additional sort of a trendy art depository than a church within the heart of El Centro. Even the statues and fixtures were trendy works of art. A must see place once visiting different close sites at a walking distance. Do exercise logic while visiting and don’t eliminate your phone or camera till you’re within, do not wear jewellery, do not flash cash. In different words, simply be sensible. NOTE: Didn’t open till 2PM the day I visited, thus plan up consequently or get a $10 facial round the corner whereas you wait. Of course, this was my favorite church I actually have ever seen.

La Gran Via:

I rushed to La Gran Vía, one among various high-end malls. Over and above, they act as the communication center for individuals existing in mixed societies. The mall had the glossy vision feeling of Walt Disney World; a smiling walker avenue flanked by 2 floors of restaurant, shops, children’s playgrounds, and a high-rise garage crammed with luxury cars. Small trains took guests on the rounds. I finished my mall visit dark at the movies, enjoying a humor aboard Salvadorans.

El Salvador beaches:

Located on Central America’s seacoast, El Salvador beaches area makes home to a number of Latin America’s finest surf breaks. The coast is lined with villages each spirited and tranquil; accommodations luxury and budget; and heat waters make good swimming in addition as water sport. Solely half hour from Salvadoran capital, La Libertad’s surf area gives the maximum style of all the El Salvador beaches, even though its crowd’s area unit still chiefly composed of locals and backpackers. As of El Salvador’s lingering ill fame and its lack of a solid business enterprise infrastructure, I found fewer tourists here compared to alternative Central America beaches.

Puerta Del Diablo:

Puerta Del Diablo is a peak set to the South East of San Salvador. The place has historical significance to the Mayan Pipil folks, it had been a sacred site used for sacrifice rituals. It has been named “The Devil’s Door” by the Catholics who perpetually opposed bad religious practices. I took a taxi from the capitol and in twenty minutes or less I reached there. A fast hike to the highest is real worth to see, particularly if one will go late within the evening close to twilight. Remember to go through the limited Pupuseria that is tucked into volcanic caves at all-time low of the mountain for dinner once you are outing.

Versatile Tourist Destination – The Incredible Panama

For long I had been making a plan for the long pending vacation and deciding to visit Panama was one of the best decisions that I had made. This city is rightly adjudged as the Miami of the south. Panama has a diverse multicultural atmosphere with a population of over 1.3 million. The city has had a tremendous growth and I was shocked at seeing the high rise building in the tropical settings. The city trends to be on the way of having more number of skyscrapers. The city has many beaches that are a short boat ride away. People in this place generally take a break from the heat and traffic congestions by visiting the beaches!


Panama Canal – the engineering wonder

Panama has a lot to offer as far as tourism is concerned through its exotic beaches than the up close view of the canal. Even though the country has less number of beaches than many other tourist locations this place is known for its historic and cosmopolitan values. I have always wanted to get a glimpse of the Panama Canal. All throughout my school days, I had learned a lot about the advantage this canal has brought to the international sea transport. This canal is 77 Km long and it connects the Atlantic and the pacific ocean across the narrow strip of land. I have learned that this canal was completed in the year 1914 and that there are a number of locks through which the ship has to pass in order to reach the other side of the canal.

Close look – how the canal locks works

I was in fact advised by some of the friends who have been here to the Panama Canal before to visit the Miraflores locks as this is considered as the easiest and the best was to visit this canal and it also provides the best view of the various locks that are in operation.

People during their weekends prefer to spend their time at the Amador Causeway. It is in fact this place that connects the three islands by the entrance to the main city. It was really a fantastic view of the city from this place. The weekends in this place are usually crowded with bicycle riders, rollerblades and joggers. The place is also filled with many restaurants and bars.

Pristine beach

The next main tourist attraction that I had visited was the Casco Viejo. This place has a history dating back to the 1671. I was told by a native of this place that the original city was only a few kilometers away from the current locality and this city was in fact rebuilt in order to protect the settlers from the various pirate attacks.  The best part of the trip was visiting the Island of Flowers which is also known by the name Isla Taboga. This place is known for its sandy beaches, Jet Ski’s, speed boats and fishing charters. This place also offered me a great view of the Panama City from the top of the island. Visiting Panama will always be something that I will always cherish for my entire life!

Finding the Best Accommodation in Nicaragua

I always wanted to see the mysteries of third world countries and their exotic cultures. While looking at the world map, I decided to explore Nicaragua to understand its people and culture to the core of my satisfaction. Well, the first thing after making up my mind to visit Nicaragua was to find a decent place where I could have a peaceful night’s rest after hectic day-long sightseeing. Thanks to the development in technology, I turned to internet for helping me in this direction. Search engines like Google and Bing threw up a number of affordable and comfortable choices to stay in this beautiful land located on the shores of Caribbean Sea.


I made an exhaustive search and short-listed a few accommodation sites, which included hotels, apartments and guest houses so that I could find the place that matches both my budget and expectations. However, for the benefit of other potential visitors to Nicaragua, I wish to record here that there are plenty of options available that range from beach-side resorts on the Caribbean Sea to nature-friendly eco-lodges in jungles. The prices are quite affordable and I am hopeful of staying at a luxurious place within my budget. However, I left the internet search at that stage, as I wanted to check the short listed places physically.


While there are many choices available for stay in Hotels, my first visit refers to Hotel La Gran Francia, which was built around 16th century and renovated in 1995. The hotel has 21 rooms that cover two floors and is located in an open sunny courtyard. I felt the entire infrastructure is comfortable and helpful for an undisturbed stay and take a siesta for a enjoying the nature. Friendly staff serves breakfast and lunches at sunny and breezy logia, next to a well-maintained garden. The price does not pinch the pocket, as it is quite affordable at $100 per night, considering all the amenities offered by the hotel.

Guest Houses

My friends wanted to stay in a lesser-priced accommodation, and we searched for available guesthouses. . I found quite a number of them offering all necessary comfortable living amenities, within a range of $10 to $50 per night. My priority to find a place nearest to the main town and central market took me to Nicaragua Guest House, which is located six kilometers from international airport, four kilometers from Mayareo market bus terminal and three kilometers from Huembes. The charges are very reasonable, starting from $12 per night. In addition, Casa Amarilla Hostel is a clean, safe and relaxing hostel available from $30 per night.


Apartmentos Trimar is in an excellent location, within walking distance of five minutes from San Juan Del Sur beach. It offers TV, air-conditioning along with kitchenette having a fridge, and Wi-Fi access. This place is available from $30 per night for two guests, offering some rooms with attached bathrooms and balconies. Being located at only two hours drive from Managua international airport, this property offers free parking and is about 30 kilometers from the famous Rivas Lake.

Keeping our priorities in mind, we all settled for a bigger apartment at Apartmentos Trimar, which gave us full value for our money.

10 Things I Love About Nicaragua

nicaragua  vacation 2

Nicaragua is now beginning to appear on the radar of travelers with its old fashioned charm and natural beauty that neither internal strife nor tourism has ruined. It has a slow moving, low-key Latin American culture, and is quite inexpensive to live in or travel, and is also referred to as “Costa Rica thirty years ago”.

Nicaragua is home to exciting outdoor adventures and rich festivals, and is easy to travel within. From scuba diving in the Little Corn Island to “ash boarding” down the sides of active and youngest volcanoes in the world, it’s a magical place where you would want to return again and again.

10 Things I’d Love to do in Nicaragua!

1. Explore Colonial Leon-Leon is a liberal, small and less travel town than Granada. Here there is family-friendly and easy going atmosphere and is quite popular among independent travelers and backpackers. You can spend your day exploring Recoleccion Cathedral, city square, street markets, side walk cafes and baroque theater.

2. Board Down Volcano Cerro Negro-I found volcano boarding quite crazy. Cerro Nergo is a just 161 years old volcano is very much active. It has erupted 23 times, the last one occurring in 1999. Therefore, this baby is due for steam explosion and hot lava!

3. Explore Granada’s Architecture-It’s the oldest city in Central America, and is quite fascinating and colorful. It is filled with many colonial era-treasures. From hidden courtyards, to 17’the century churches and historic buildings, Granada demands exploration.

4. Eat a Fritanga or Nacatamal-Nice food in Nicaragua is more than just gallo pinot, which is constant dish made using beans and rice. My favorite is Nacatamal, which is a most delicious tamale filled with chicken, pork, veggies or other interesting fillings. It comes wrapped in banana leaf to cook. Also try “fritanga’ which is a local food served by sdieal vendors.

5. Shop at the Nica Markets-In most Latin American countries, markets are mostly center of every day’s life. In the main squares, that are mostly the heart of cities like Granada and Leon, the handicraft and food stalls are active. Try Mercado Municipal, which is a famous food market where many vendors also sell jewelry or crafts. In Masaya there are two markets that sell high quality artisan crafts. Don’t forget to visit Mercado Viejo market that offers food.

6. Hike a Volcano at Night-There are twenty five volcanoes in Nicaragua, out of which nine are active. Two are nearby Granada and Masaya. I recommend hiking Masaya, as you can have great views of both it as well as Mombacho.

7. Get in the Water on Little Corn Island-It is a tiny island off the Caribbean cost-just 12 square kilometers of sand and palm trees. There isn’t much to do except to dig your toes in sand, drink, eat, dive or snorkel!

8. Surf or Chill in San Juan del Sur-It’s a southernmost spot, and not too far from Costa Rican border. It’s cute little spot where surfers will get most out of it as it is known to have top surfing conditions.

9. La Isla Ometepe-You can take two hour of bus ride from Grenada and then an hour of ferry to visit a low-key and completely rustic La Isla Ometepe, which is right in the center of the Lake Nicaragua. It is made of two volcanoes Maderas and Concepcion. Just half of the Islands have paved roads and ride can be bit slow, bumpy and difficult. You can also rent a bike for around $30 a day. Kayaking, hiking and bird watching are best activities on this island.

10. Party at a Festival-Nicas love partying and lots of festivals keep the beat going. The biggest one is Carnical that takes place in March with its costume dances and infectious drumbeats on the streets. San Sebastian festivals occur in third week of January in Jinotepe.